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The Four Corners Quilting Block

layout of 4 corners quilt blocks

The Four Corners Quilt Block is a 9-patch quilt block that looks difficult to make, but when you break it into patches it is not hard.

grids of the 4 corners quilt block

You can easily see the patches on the picture at the left.  Notice the quarter square triangles in 5 of the patches.

The other 4 patches are made from squares and rectangles.


grid lines of the 4 corners outer corners Here is one of the corners.  They are all the same.  They are just placed differently in the layout.  In the block above the light square is always placed toward the center of the block.

Decide on the size of your grids.  If you want to make a lot of these blocks, strip piece the two small squares together, and then attach them to a long strip of fabric similar to the first round of the log cabin quilt block.

Value is what makes this block unique.  Be sure that your value is correct, and you won't have any problems with this block.

There are many 9-patch blocks, so you won't have any trouble working this block into a quilt. Below is a visual of this block with a couple other 9-patch blocks.

the underground railroad qult block with other 9-patch blocks the churndash quilt block with other 9-patch quilt blocks the 4-corners quilt block with other 9-patch quilt blocks

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