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What is Scrappy Quilting?

What is a scrappy quilt? It is a quilt that is made from a large number of fabrics. It is the opposite of a quilt that is carefully planned in advance, with the fabrics usually being purchased at the same time.

Most of the quilts made today are scrappy quilts.  I believe this is for a couple of reasons.  First of all, quilters love to buy fabric. It is probably one of the favorite parts of the quilting process.

Fabric has become very expensive. When quilters go to the fabric store, it is like going to an all you can eat buffet. You want to try just a little bit of everything. As a consequence, you end up buying a half yard of many fabrics.

Most quilters have a large amount of fabric in their homes. It is called a stash. Scrappy quilts give you the opportunity to use many fabrics in the same quilt. Most scrappy quilts are easy to make. Intricate piecing is hard to see when you use a lot of fabrics. Hence most of the blocks on this site will be oriented toward scrappy quilts.

This site is dedicated to scrappy quilters, and taking those bits and pieces of fabric and making beautiful quilts.


1. Fabric selection. Fabric can cost over $25 a yard, or it can be purchased for under $5.00 a yard. The trick is finding fabric that is of good quality for a lower price. A lot of people never buy fabric unless it is on sale for 50% off the regular price. Shop sales and use coupons.

2. Shop at a variety of stores. Look for fabric with a good thread. Your quilt will only be as strong, or last as long as the weakest fibers in your quilt fabric.

Make scrappy quilts. Use a variety of fabrics in your quilt blocks and your quilts. Try some scrap quilts and blocks that make good use of small pieces of fabric.

3.Save every scrap of fabric that you have. Scrappy blocks, borders, appliqué and other sewing hobbies make good use of leftover fabric.

4. Make larger blocks. When you make larger blocks not only does the piecing go faster, but you use less fabric.

5.Creativity over expense. Be creative and use your own designs. Patterns can be expensive and technically challenging.

6. Learn about quilting grids, and design your own patterns. Use frugal blocks to make your own unique and interesting quilt to save time and money.

7. Avoid unnecessary paper aids. Use quick piecing techniques that don't involve expensive paper that must be removed when you are done sewing.
8. Most of all...relax and enjoy yourself when you are making quilts. A lot of people pay money for ways to reduce stress. Save money relaxing at the sewing machine

Did You Know...?

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Want to make batting easier? Use fusible batting. The quilt is easier to move around when stitching and it doesn't pucker. If you plan on using your border fabric in the body of your quilt, cut the borders first.

See a quilt picture you like in a magazine? Take a using smartphonepicture of it with your phone. See one while on the Internet? Again, save it to your photo file. Group your pictures in a phone photo album, and you will always have them with you. It comes in handy when shopping or just dreaming!



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